images taken at BNF Paris,  from the photographic series “ENJOY PHOTO LIFE”
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Vesko Goesels works atomize objects into separate parts – in order to reassemble them in a new context of time and space. Every work develops from the assumption of what a thing once was or could have been. Contrary to their intended purpose, they break free of their logical use and question our everyday rote use of things.

Goesel (*1983) began his artistic work as the head of the PhotoClub "Orwo lebt" in his hometown Nordhausen, Germany. In 2008 he finished by diploma at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, specialized in Photography and Sculpture. Since 2005 he assists the artist Marcel Odenbach︎︎︎He gives workshops at various universities or initiates and organizes temporary art/cultural projects such as Änderungen Aller Art︎︎︎

(2013-2019) ArtCasino Waldhausener︎︎︎ (2020/21) or at the moment GABA Rheydt︎︎︎

images & ideas (if not stated otherwise) by Vesko Gösel