solo/duo show
Geblitztdingst is a project by Vesko Gösel and Adrien Cater that explores the history, constraints and material periphery of the photographic medium.

At first sight, Vesko Gösel’s work seems to be quite far from what we consider as a “photographic” proposition. On a second take, one can observe the deep exploration of the questions of this medium. Vesko is an object artist, a sculptor and a draughtsman – his work could be classified as “plastic photography”. He is interested in the technological device, especially in the question of how this technical medium haunts and transforms us as users in an image-producing society. 

Multiblitz Archives


solo/duo show
The concept of the solo exhibition "Multiblitz Archives" at Matjö, Cologne is a fictional idea of what the german company for studio lighting Multiblitz represented in the past 70 years of its existence.  After insurancy the company dissolved completely In March 2018. This show is build with the last material of their former showroom.

Farewell Photography 

group show
Biennale für Aktuelle Fotografie Mannheim, Heidelberg, Ludwigshafen

Kunstmuseum Ludwigshafen,
kuratiert von Dr. Kathrin Schönegg

The Moran Plant Show 2016

group show
Residency and Exhibition at the Moran Plant Building in Burlington Vermont, USA
with Viktoria Strecker and Peter Miller

invited and curated by OVERNIGHT PROJECTS, Burlington


solo/duo show
Doppel X - Villa V, Viersen  The second part of the exhibition series by Eva Weinert and Vesko Gösel “Aus ein an der“

images & ideas (if not stated otherwise) by Vesko Gösel