Thirty Flashes

a collection of 30 camera flashes exposed as photograms on light sensitive paper

This work refers to the artwork “thrity flashes” by Peter Miller


8 retouched commercial photographs on fine art paper, dichroic film, vintage frames, each 35x29cm

Bron+Co. was founded by Pierre and Joseph Bron in 1948 and continued later as Broncolor, producing professional studio flash units in Allschwill, Basel.

exhibtion views at standard/deluxe, Lausanne 2023 

Pentaprisma (Abteiberg) 2022

 Orwo ZDK silver gelatin photograms exposed with collected prisms, laminated on cardboard and linen
(size variable)

ORWO Fotopapiere

silber gelatine hand prints on ORWO BN1 paper, folded and riveted
156 x 124 cm

images & ideas (if not stated otherwise) by Vesko Gösel